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Australian Postcodes

Robert Kosara has created a map linking all of the most of the Australian postcodes [^] together in what he calls a “scribble map”. It’s something that I have always wondered about but never bothered to research. This infographic makes it obvious were the dense clumps of people are with the close zig-zags all down the south-eastern corner of the country.

There are plenty more maps on the website – including Germany, France and the US – so go check them out.


Lost Formats

The Lost Formats Preservation Society [^] was formed to save dead and dying media formats from obscurity. It is an incomplete collection, with silhouettes and a brief history of each format featured. The versatile Compact Cassette brought back some memories: cassette players mangling prized audio tapes, and waiting for computer games to load on a Commodore only to fail at the last minute. Ah, those were the days!


Dangerous Stuff

Wow, if you didn’t already know that sugar is not good the infographic “Sweet Facts About Sugar[^] should help you change your mind.

14 facts about sugar

Point 10 is one of the most important: “Refined Sugar has no nutritional value, besides empty calories”. I’m so glad that I gave up sugar in tea and coffee, that means that I can enjoy it in sweets and lollies – where it’s supposed to be!