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October 14th, 2008:

Susan’s Tribute to Jyndy

Sorry, things have been a little quiet around here for the past couple of weeks, a fair bit has been going on in the CannibalRabbit Household.  Two weeks ago, we lost a member of the family – Jyndy, Susan’s Horse.  The following is Susan’s tribute to her.

It is with great sadness that I inform everyone that Jyndy was laid to rest on the 30th September.  Jyndy came into my life seven years ago, purchased from a former Yarck member, Lyn Hamilton.  This means that Jyndy has been a member of Yarck ARC longer than I have!

Jyndy was a good horse under saddle and tried hard at everything.  Jyndy was known amongst family and friends for her reputation as being a squealer, biter and kicker.  The farrier got the fright of his life when she squealed at him while he was clenching her up.  I felt her teeth at the Gymkhana a few years ago.  I ended-up with an imprint of the full set of teeth on my arm for weeks.  My brother, Graham, wore a kick one day when we were out riding, all because his horse got to close.  Graham ended up spending 6 weeks on crutches as a result of this outburst. Not happy Jyndy!!!

Jyndy won the Level 5 Dressage Series back in 2003, and also one of the unofficial dressage days at Ruffy. I also managed to point up from Level 5 to Level 4 on Jyndy.

Thanks for being such a great horse and being there for me.  I went 2 and half years between rides and you were a perfect angel when I finally rode you again.

No matter what her shortcomings were, Jyndy was a much loved member of the family and will be sorely missed.  Jyndy, enjoy your days up the paddock with your mates, especially Razz, I know the two of you will be happy together, doing the best dressage tests ever!!!

Susan and Jyndy

Susan and Jyndy

We buried Jyndy alongside Razz just on dusk up on the hill, with a fine view of the plateau and front paddocks.  Bye bye Ghostie Horse!