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October 31st, 2008:

Sesame Street – Country Road Credit Sequence

No, this isn’t some bizarre John Denver-Sesame Street crossover.  A little while ago I was talking to someone about Sesame Street.  I said that I always remembered someone driving along, but without a car, over the credits.  This earned me disbelief, the early onset of dementia was the implied diagnosis!

Well a little bit of Googling and I ended up at Youtube, and the Country Road Credits [^].  I’m not sure that this is the sequence that I was thinking of – but it does prove a point.  It seems that these credits ran from Season 6 through to Season 9.

Now all I have to do I remember who it was that I was talking to!

Sesame Street Season 9 Credits

Post Secret – Secrets Shared

Post Secret [^] is a site that allows people to anonymously share their secrets with the rest of the wired world.  It ranges from the self-aware to the disturbing, via risque.

toilet paper -

This is another one of those websites that I will be coming back to.